Battle of the titans: judges against the police


Power structures in Ukraine are increasingly competing in the credibility and the knowledge of how the laws work in our country. Problems staff the new police force adds the fact that Ukrainian judges for decades feel their exclusivity. This situation did not change for two independence nor the Revolution of dignity, nor the war in the East. Caste untouchable does not want the law in Ukraine was the same for everyone. And seeks to punish those who think differently.


An example of this is the recent story that happened in Poltava.


Reckless resistance system


Not so long ago, employees of new police fined Poltava judge for wrong Parking. But instead to pay a fine of 255 UAH, he, finding himself humiliated, sued the patrol, demanding to collect from them 23 thousand hryvnias of legal costs.


According to the claim, published in one of the district courts of Poltava, June 6, 2016, the employees of the patrol police of the city Alexander Ostapenko Dmitry Rod on one of the streets allegedly illegally blocked the Nissan X-Trail. In fact, the car was the head of the Shevchenkivsky district court of Poltava Alexander Strukov. The suit said, detaining the judge, the patrol did not read him his Miranda rights, used physical force, forcibly took him in a patrol car and taken to the police Department.


The plaintiff, while not denying that the car was parked in the area of the sign “Parking prohibited”, but insists that the patrol did not take into account a number of circumstances. In particular, how long he was standing there, and the reasons why they stopped in this place. In addition, the petition States that the police have not established if the judge Strukov stopped his car in this place, or the driver was someone else.


In this regard, Alexander Strukov in his statement of claim has demanded to cancel the Protocol on administrative offences, and to reimburse him for 23 of 100 UAH for the services of a lawyer: the judge is not present at the court in person, his position is not represented by counsel Boris Semenko. According to plaintiff, the lawyer takes Strukova per hour 550 UAH.

Superiority… over common sense


In turn, the management of patrol police of Poltava, the situation was described differently. Police told the UNIAN that ill-fated day of writing adminprotokola the judge, the patrol saw a car in the area of the sign “no Parking”, wait 5 minutes to ensure that the car was parked, not stopped short. And only after that the police proceeded to the car to inform the driver about the traffic violation. However, according to them, instead to plead guilty and pay a small (by the standards of judicial salaries) penalty, judge Alexander Strukov started the engine of a car and tried to leave.


Patrol, not a loss, blocked the car and demanded that the driver left the car. When Strukov came out, the police introduced themselves and asked him to provide documents. But, coming out of his car, the judge started acting “inappropriately and aggressively” to insult police officers. First, he left the car on the key, and answering questions at the police station, went away. As a result, one of the patrol stopped him, grabbed his arm and led him into an official car. After Strukov was taken to the station for identification. When the police got a judge to the station, he asked to be called the chief of city Department of GUNP in the Poltava region Alexander Terelu. Even when it Strukov told the patrol that holds the position of President of the court. And the police made him a resolution on the offence.


Basically, this story confirms the video from the scene posted to YouTube. Moreover, the camera captures is not the version of the judge, which he defended in court against the police. Behavior Alexander Strukov, his remarks, belittling new police officers, is a wonderful demonstration of how the old system is resisting and trying to demonstrate their superiority. His complaint in essence it looks like a demonstration of power which the judge possesses in the city and appears to be an attempt to show that caste untouchable remains above the law. And that before the law – are not all equal.


The merits of the case at the suit of the judge against police officers is considered in Poltava on September 30. Monday, October 10, at the meeting as witnesses were called, the police area where the judge Strukov introduced himself and called himself a judge, and the chief of city Department of GUNP in the Poltava region Alexander Terela. However, witnesses ignored the meeting. The next one will be held on November 1.

The situation will save the resonance


Skeptics will say that is nothing new in the history of Ukrainians do not know. Like, sued judge with the police before. For example, recently Poltava patrol police lost the case at the suit of the judges of the constitutional court of Ukraine Alexander Kosminina that was stopped in Poltava on Senna street for violation of traffic rules. Judge of Kastrychnitski district court Sergey Antonov recognized the actions of the Poltava police inspector illegal. Formally, because the police did not record a date of offense on video.


On the other hand, there are also opposite examples. So, Onward to the judge – the judge of the Kirov regional court Alexey Galagan trying to seek dismissal of the crew of the patrol for what stopped his car and accused of driving drunk. According to local police, the examination showed that alcohol level in the blood of judges is seven times higher than normal. The patrol accounted for three of the Protocol, in particular, and for disobeying guards. But, coming the day after the incident at work, Alexey Galagan appealed to the Prosecutor with the complaint. The patrol, they say, he was beaten, and he was completely sober.


Interestingly, a colleague Galagan – judge Lyudmila Tkachenko, to which this case came for review, saw no crime in the actions Galagan, despite video from lapel camera police officers, and ruled that a dismissal of all charges with the judge.


However, now Galagan, Tkachenko may be dismissed from their posts – the appropriate application to the High Qualification Commission of judges sent people’s Deputy, the adviser to the interior Minister Anton Geraschenko. “It is surprising how strong Esprit de corps in the courts of Ukraine… There is a video of how the judge did not obey the patrol and just like a coward, fled from them. Alexei Galagan could only receive and pay for adminshtraf, and hope that this time has passed. But no! A sense of impunity prevailed a sense of self-preservation,” wrote the MP on his page in one of social networks.


I hope that resonance will be judge Alexander Strukov from Poltava. Because he, among other things, continues to dismantle the administrative violations of traffic rules, in which one side is a patrol police… Oleg gody, Poltava

Source: UNIAN

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