‘Idiocracy’ Now: Trump’s Latest Shameless Move is Right Out of Prophetic Film

Terry Crews, who played President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho in the film Idiocracy, recently gave an interview in which he described how terrifyingly prescient the film had turned out to be. Why? Because Donald Trump is the President.

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Well, it turns out Crews was right. “Idiocracy” is now. Because the former reality TV show host President of the United States has a fourth grade vocabulary, literally has a brand in his name, and will be running advertisements for sponsors at the State of the Union. As spotted by intrepid ProPublica reporter Derek Willis, in a text alert from the never-ending Trump campaign:

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Now, have a look at the”Camacho’s State of the Union” address, from Idiocracy:

Notice the ads from Pepsi, SBC, and “Uhmerican Express”? Ads from sponsors. Just like Trump is going to do. He even entered to smoke and music like a WWE star, which Trump has been, just like Trump did at the Republican party’s convention, during the election. Hey, maybe he can also recklessly brandish a gun while he’s at it? I’m sure the Russian money launderers at the NRA would love it.

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Featured image composite by Reverb Press; Trump by Scott Olson/Getty Images, Terry Crews in Idiocracy, Screenshot, Youtube.

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