Trump Just Proved He’s Terrified About the State of the Union

Donald Trump, our former reality TV show star President, has long been ratings obsessed. And just like a typical wanna-be dictator, he’s not big on media. Unless they’re singing his praises.

Remember that Donald Trump is a man who used to call gossip reporters using an assumed name to brag about his sex life. Who jumped on the birther bandwagon, and took the reins. Who went on Howard Stern’s radio show frequently, to brag about himself.

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And, just like the wanna-be tinpot dictator that he is, Trump is a man who has called unflattering, embarrassing, and incriminating press reports “fake news“. Who has launched petty assaults on reporters. And even gone so far as to muse about having journalists killed. Just like his hero, Vladimir Putin.

And he’s a man who appointed Steve Bannon, whose previous job was running the right wing propaganda site Breitbart, as his initial Senior Political Adviser in the White House. Whose political base is the brainwashed “ditto-heads” of the right wing noise machine, the deplorable trolls of the bowels of the internet, and, of course, racists. You know, “very fine people”, as he put it.

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And he’s a man who even Bannon ultimately accused of treason.

And last but certainly not least, he’s the man who, as President, has cut the media out of the conversation at every opportunity, in order to spoon-feed his “alternative facts” directly to his deplorable minions. Generally over Twitter.

So it shouldn’t be surprising, although it definitely is, that he’s decided to cut the media and all it’s expert analysts, and coverage of political rebuttals like those planned by Senator Joe Kennedy and Senator Bernie Sanders, out of his State of the Union speech by hosting his own. Streaming live on his own website.

The Trump Campaign – yes, the CAMPAIGN, because Trump never stopped campaigning or raising money just because he won – announced the livestream with a text message sent to subscribers, which the intrepid journalist Derek Willis of the Pulitzer Prize winning ProPublica also recieved, and posted a screenshot of on Twitter:

Yes, that’s right America. Don’t listen to the experts that the news media will gather to decipher and dissect the speech and explain the policies and politics of it. Experts are “Fake News” – just take it on faith from your Dear Leader… Who doesn’t have to worry about ratings now, either.

Ugh. What a spineless snowflake… And welcome to Trump’s ‘Merica. Idiocracy is now.

Featured image by Kevin Dietsch-Pool/Getty Images.

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