Breaking: Trump Hopes Controversial FBI Memo Will ‘Discredit’ Russia Investigation (VIDEO)

Trump wants to ruin the FBI

The Nunes Memo, so named after controversial Republican congressman Devin Nunes who heads the House Intelligence Committee, has caused a lot of controversy as it allegedly contains misleading information about the FBI. Not only have top officials of the FBI spoken out against the memo, but top officials from the Trump Administration have also advised against releasing it.

Yet, not surprisingly, Trump fully supports it. According to a report from CNN, multiple sources familiar with Trump have confirmed that he is privately telling insiders that the Nunes Memo will help him discredit the FBI, and consequently discredit the Russia Investigation, bolstering his remarkable narrative of a “deep state” within the agency. Multiple reports confirm that the White House is prepared to release it to the public.

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Trump has had a lot of public conflict with the FBI, starting with his termination of FBI Director James Comey and continuing with his repeated insults of the bureau. As CNN reports,

“As the debate rages about whether the GOP memo is inaccurate and misleading — and whether it’s appropriate to reveal such classified intelligence at all — Trump appears to be more preoccupied with the political calculus. He views the memo as proof the intelligence community was unfairly targeting him and fodder for his ultimate goal of bringing an end to the Russia investigation that he has dubbed a ‘witch hunt,’ sources said.”

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There is also the fact that the Nunes Memo could result in Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein getting fired or resigning. Trump has been publicly antagonistic towards Rosenstein, who officially appointed Mueller to lead the Russia probe.

Check out CNN’s video on the news story below: