Watch Haitians Brilliantly Roast Donald Trump Over Sh*thole Remark, Thanks to Conan O’Brien

Two weeks ago, during a meeting with lawmakers to discuss immigration reform, President Trump allegedly used the word “shithole” to describe countries like Haiti. It seems lawmakers have varying recollections of what Trump actually said, but the people of Haiti were not going to take the President’s cheap-shot lying down. Late night comedian Conan O’Brien was ready and willing to help them get even.

Conan quickly announced a trip to Haiti, saying of the Haitian people:

“If the President doesn’t like them, they must be lovely people.”

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Conan followed that up by expressing how excite he was to travel to Haiti:

“Because whenever that guy (Trump) hates something, I end up loving it.”

Conan then launches into a list of things Trump hates (like reading and Meryl Streep) but Conan loves.

Prior to his visit, Conan took the time to formally introduce himself to the Haitian people. The translator, hilariously, was something less than literal with his translations.

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It did not take long after landing for Conan to make some new friends.

He failed out of cooking school almost as quickly.

The children either were fascinated by his red hair and wanted to decorate him, or thought he was a mummy who lost his wrap.

Bad things can happen when you do not really have hips. Conan nearly danced his pants right off.

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Forget Trump’s “Make America Great Again” hats. Conan had some special red hats of his own for Haiti.

This sure does not look like a “shithole” but Conan could use some sunscreen.

Before he left to return to the United States, Conan gave the Haitian people a chance to address President Trump directly, and they took full advantage.

Conan proved once again the best way to fight back against President Trump’s lies is with a heaping helping of truth, and a side of comedy.